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Baltazar Wishlist

===== BALTAZAR WISHLIST 2020 =====

Hi Family,

This is the new wishlist!

WE GOT HACKED!!! So i changed it so you have to login to edit.  User name is "Baltazar" password is the house number and street with no spaces --->> 7*c*****y.  Email me if you can't figure it out

  • Gift cards to Home Depot,Lowe,Sloat , Floorcraft nursery on Bayshore
  • flannel nightgown petite medium blue
  • fleece vest white,or black with pockets petite Large
  • Lands End corduroy pants PM colors Navy,Mulberry,Black
  • CD Il Volo the best 10 years Live in Matera

Items Purchased for Auntie


updated 12/2/2019

Store name: OLIVE THIS AND OLIVE THAT 304 vicksburg st.SF. $19 a bottle. No preferene at this time. Many choices.

Items Purchased for Mom


Items Purchased for Dad


Updated November 25, 2019

  • gift cards to Nordstrom, J Crew Factory, J Crew, Tuckernuck

Items Purchased for NAT

For Cali:

  • Peanut butter dog treats

Merry Christmas!!

Battery pack like this with the USB-C port - but there might be better deals out there

maximum capacity micro SD cards like this

If you can find deals on YETI Ice packs (has to be YETI brand though) - any size would be good

Yeti Colster - stainless steel finish

Items Purchased for CHURCH


Updated November 2019

  • Bruins cloud travel pillow: (they may have them at Bed Bath Beyond in store)

or this style

  • Boston Celtics T Shirt - this unique style - green with the gold letters - Player names: Tatum and/or Smart - Size Youth XL

check out fatheads for any good Boston players - Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, Kemba Walker, Jason Tatum, Marcus Smart -not the life size version - the 24" or smaller size is ok

Celtics basketball

Spalding NBA Boston Celtics Courtside Rubber Basketball

Items Purchased for John Nicolas


Updated November 2019

  • Gift cards to Tilly's, PINK, American Eagle, Amazon, Jamba Juice

Items Purchased for Izzie


updated 11/19/19

Items Purchased for Derek


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

Items Purchased for Irene


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

If you buy clothes, size 5T or larger and as you all know he LOVES blue.


  • item 1

Items Purchased for Maddox


If you buy clothes, size 3T or larger.

  • item 1

Items Purchased for Mason


Updated 12/12/2019

Lotto or Shared Gifts

Less Expensive Gifts

GC: Uber, Lyft, Fandango, Amazon

Items Purchased for Nick JR

Baltazar/Ho Wishlist - We're using this link for Irene's family's gift exchange. Do not remove

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