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Baltazar Wishlist

===== BALTAZAR WISHLIST 2020 =====

Hi Family,

This is the new wishlist!

WE GOT HACKED!!! So i changed it so you have to login to edit.  User name is "Baltazar" password is the house number and street with no spaces --->> 7*c*****y.  Email me if you can't figure it out

  • Gift cards to Home Depot,Lowe,Sloat , Floorcraft nursery on Bayshore
  • flannel nightgown petite medium blue
  • fleece vest white,or black with pockets petite Large
  • Lands End corduroy pants PM colors Navy,Mulberry,Black
  • CD Il Volo the best 10 years Live in Matera

Items Purchased for Auntie


Items Purchased for Mom


Items Purchased for Dad


Updated November 25, 2019

  • gift cards to Nordstrom, J Crew Factory, J Crew, Tuckernuck

Items Purchased for NAT

For Cali:

  • Peanut butter dog treats

Merry Christmas!!

Battery pack like this with the USB-C port - but there might be better deals out there

maximum capacity micro SD cards like this

If you can find deals on YETI Ice packs (has to be YETI brand though) - any size would be good

Yeti Colster - stainless steel finish

Items Purchased for CHURCH


Updated November 2019

  • Bruins cloud travel pillow: (they may have them at Bed Bath Beyond in store)

or this style

  • Boston Celtics T Shirt - this unique style - green with the gold letters - Player names: Tatum and/or Smart - Size Youth XL

check out fatheads for any good Boston players - Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, Kemba Walker, Jason Tatum, Marcus Smart -not the life size version - the 24" or smaller size is ok

Celtics basketball

Spalding NBA Boston Celtics Courtside Rubber Basketball

Items Purchased for John Nicolas


Updated November 2019

  • Gift cards to Tilly's, PINK, American Eagle, Amazon, Jamba Juice

Items Purchased for Izzie


updated 11/19/19

Items Purchased for Derek


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

  • Home Depot or Lowe’s GC

Items Purchased for Irene


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

If you buy clothes, toddler size 6 or boys small and as you all know he LOVES blue.


Items Purchased for Maddox


If you buy clothes, size 4T or larger.

Items Purchased for Mason


Updated 12/12/2019

Lotto or Shared Gifts

Less Expensive Gifts

GC: Uber, Lyft, Fandango, Amazon

Items Purchased for Nick JR

Baltazar/Ho Wishlist - We're using this link for Irene's family's gift exchange. Do not remove

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