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Baltazar Wishlist

===== BALTAZAR WISHLIST 2019 =====

Hi Family,

This is the new wishlist!

WE GOT HACKED!!! So i changed it so you have to login to edit.  User name is "Baltazar" password is the house number and street with no spaces --->> 7*c*****y.  Email me if you can't figure it out

  • gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond ,Macy
  • mini food processor
  • tip top gift card for pedicure only
  • DVD Crazy Rich Asian

Items Purchased for Auntie


Items Purchased for Mom

  • Black t-shirts from Banana Republic large.
  • Amazon gift cards w/o expiration date!

Items Purchased for Dad


Updated July 2019

  • gift cards to Nordstrom, J Crew Factory, J Crew, Sail to Sable, Tuckernuck, Charleston Shoe Co.

For the Family:

Items Purchased for NAT


Merry Christmas!!

Alexa enabled plugs

Speaker Cover for one of my Oontz speakers

smart light bulbs - like this or similar

Olukai slippers - with the back - doesn't have to be from REI - could also get Ugg version is they are cheaper somewhere - size 11-12

nightstand charger for phone and watch - like this - or if you know of a similar but cheaper version that could work too

Rogue Fitness collars for weights - 1 or 2 pairs

Smart scale like this - it is way less expensive here than on the site

ember mug - white

Items Purchased for CHURCH


Updated July 2019

  • Gift cards: XBox, Amazon, Target, Subway, Soar Dough Co.

Items Purchased for John Nicolas


Updated July 2019

  • Gift cards to Justice, Walmart, Target, Jamba Juice

Items Purchased for Izzie


updated 11/23/18

Items Purchased for Derek


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

Items Purchased for Irene


Please ship stuff to Seattle so we don't have to carry it home with us

If you buy clothes, size 5T or larger and as you all know he LOVES blue.


Items Purchased for Maddox


If you buy clothes, size 3T or larger. Mason likes red and orange. 😉

Items Purchased for Mason


Lotto Gift

Allen Edmonds Men's Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford / Color: Dark Brown Burnished / 10.5 D

Items Purchased for Nick JR

Baltazar/Ho Wishlist - We're using this link for Irene's family's gift exchange. Do not remove

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